Microsoft Outlook 2013 APPCRASH

This is not a super techy post, but hey, it’s relevant.

So recently I installed Microsoft Office 2013 and loved it.  I was setting up my e-mail to use for IMAP and everything was running smoothly, until (queue the mystery sound – duh duh duh) I tried to send an e-mail.  No sooner than pressing the send button every single time Outlook 2013 crashed.  Reason?  APPCRASH…Hmm ok.  Let’s go back a few months – A few months ago I had an issue with Visual Studio opening and throwing immediate errors then crashing, the problem I found was related to an outdated plugin that I was using  – the IDE ran perfect in safe mode (which disables all plugins), long story short, I found the plugin, updated it, and everything worked out ok, huray!  Alright, time to apply what we previously learned.

Let’s check our Outlook 2013 plugins.

I fired up Outlook 2013, clicked on File and then Options.  When the Options dialog window appeared I clicked no Add-Ins in the left navigation pane.  The thing you want to be looking at here is the “Active Application Add-Ins” list located at the top of list view.  It’s been my experience that it’s best to disable things you definitely know that you’re not using.  So I immediately disabled the exchange plugin and the social connector plugin, still had problems.  Let’s cut to the chase – my problem was with my antivirus.  I use avast!  and to be completely honest I’ve been a supporter of the product for a few years now (irrelevant, I know).  In any case, and without any more delays, disabling the avast plugin fixed my problem, my client was able to send and receive e-mail again with ease.

It’s worth nothing that you may not be using avast but it’s worth disabling whatever AV plugin you are using if you’re having this problem and testing your application from there, you may have the same successful results as I have.

Happy mailing my friends.

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